Why the Rush?

sexta-feira, 16 de junho de 2023

Image: https://www.renomind.com/a-pressa-e-inimiga-da-perfeicao/

As an journalism student and blog writter, I usually read many diferente things. Since online journals, blogs, articles and books.

And one new atitude, sign from this time I realized, are that people has no patient to ready anymore.

Recently in a blog about movies that I used to follow I saw a coment that made me thing for a good time that sayd: “The article are interesting, but too long and I didn’t read it all”.

If we consider that is an “nicho” theme, and only who really have interest in that subject will look for it, I don’t and can’t understant why the hell is not possible read until the end!

I already wrote about FOMO once and is an disease of our time. Everything writed must been in an simple language and short, because you must read the next really soon.

There´s no more apreciatte for a good reading, that one makes you travel in to the words, think about it or have an inspiration by it.

Once I read na article about reactive people online and how they’re so feroz to defend their point of view (as the most necessary thing in the world) and just did not read the other part.

Everyone want to sream you opnion for everyone, but just few people have the sensibitlity to look for the other.

Often we depair with so passionated discutions without any base or a minimum research.

Me, particulary, have a big difficult to give any opinion, because I Always think that I mitght have not enought foundation to do that!

Am I wrong? And the whole world right?

I dont think so...