Praticing a kinda of lazzy beauty at 41

terça-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2024

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Don"t misuanderstand me I LOVE BEAUTY and self care! I pratice it since my 14 years old (I'm 41 now). 

But when I say "lazzy beauty" I mean self care but not with pressure. Is more like do it on your on time, when it will be a good thing on your routine. 

I always put sunscreen in my face, but it's because my mother already he had câncer on her skin. 

It's a skicare fundamental item that I was less focused about, but now I don''t leave my home without sunscreen!

Do you know when you don't want to do the 15 steps of the Korean routine? 

It's like that, sometimes we are exhausted, from everyday life, from our busy lives, from taking care of our children that we simply don't want to be a skincare DIVA.

You just want to rest and feel like you're doing "at least" the minimum for yourself and your skin.

This means that washing your face with a soap specifically for your skin is a start.               

It also means that IF you have some time to spare, you can make a mask, but it's OKAY if you can't.

There are days when I can only apply sunscreen in my skin and I need to accept that this will be the most I can do for myself that day. AND THAT'S OK!

You don't need to try to embrace the world when it's about your're self-care. Do what you can, in your time, within your reality. 

Because it is very easy to judge, it is difficult to look at each reality!                

I love a complete 12-step routine, but I also accept when I'm not feeling well and use just 1 moisturizer before bed and just sunscreen the next day.

That's the game about self-care! 

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